Season Finale

Split Gallery shows from 2018 through 2023

This one’s tough, but all signs are pointing to this being the right choice for us to make at the right time.

2023 will be Split Gallery’s final year.

Lots of things in the mix, but we feel the time is right to close out what we’d consider a very successful 5-year run with 53 art shows, work from over 325 Artists on our walls, and more than $170,000 in commission-free sales going directly to the exhibiting Artists.

Jill and I will be moving into a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center and taking a break from gallery management for a while. Our kids are in the zone where we don’t have all that much time left with them at home, and the building we’re in has been a perpetual challenge that has made it increasingly difficult to continue investing time and money into the space.

There’s some potential over the horizon that could see a reincarnation of Split Gallery, so we’re going to take a break for a bit and focus on our family and our own art, and continue to listen to the Universe and follow what calls to us.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this experiment. We could have never done it without the support and encouragement from all our friends, family, and especially Omaha’s unbelievably kick-ass art community. Y’all are the best. Seriously.

Keep on creating, and come visit us at the Hot Shops in Studio 108 once we get settled in.

We love you all!

Brian + Jill