How It Works

Split Gallery is a community art gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. Everyone is welcome to exhibit here.

Artists reserve the gallery for their event and pay a flat fee for their dates. Split helps Artists plan, promote, produce, and document the show.

Split Gallery does not charge commission on sales.

We chose this approach as a way to give Artists creative control and choice in how and when they exhibit their work. Artists choose Split as their gallery instead of the gallery choosing which Artists will exhibit at Split.

Read on for all of the details, or complete the booking form to start planning your show today.

Planning A Show at Split Gallery

Having a show at Split Gallery is pretty simple. We’ve designed the process to be flexible in order to accommodate Artists who would like to do everything themselves and those who would like a more full-service approach.

1. Choose Your Dates

We’ll work with you to reserve the dates you’d like to have your show. Most of our events are open for one or two weeks, which allows us to provide a lot of scheduling flexibility.

2. Confirm Your Reservation

After finalizing the schedule and plan for your show, Split confirms your reservation and locks in your dates when you pay the deposit for your show.

3. Market and Promote

Split helps outline the details of your show and assists with marketing and promotion. We list the show on our website, our Facebook page, we promote it on our social media channels, submit it to local online event calendars, and include it in our email newsletters. We also provide Artists with tips on how to promote their show to their networks in order to maximize our collective reach.

4. Hang the Artwork

Artists are free to hang the show themselves or Split can help. We provide everything you need to hang most 2D artwork. 

5. Have Your Show

Open the doors and welcome friends, family, art lovers, the curious, and everyone else in to see your work and share the experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to toot your own horn a bit and get as many eyeballs in front of your work as possible.

6. Continue Creating

After your show is done, just take out whatever you brought into the gallery and we’ll handle the rest. Enjoy the excitement of having had your show, then use the event, documentation, and momentum from your exhibition to share with the world and in whatever comes next from your studio practice. We’ll look forward to having you back as soon as you’re ready.

Split Gallery's Grand Opening Reception & Sale

What It Costs

Some Artists like to do everything themselves, and others like to have some help. Pricing is á la carte to make it easy to customize your experience at Split. The basic breakdown is:

  • Week One $750

    Reservations run Tuesday through Sunday, which provides time for loading in and hanging the show before opening.

  • Additional Weeks $500

    If you'd like to run your show longer, additional weeks are discounted.

  • Hanging the Show from $250

    We have everything needed to hang a show yourself, and if you'd like help, we're here.

  • Staffing from $500

    Includes opening, closing, watching the gallery, greeting visitors, and processing sales.

Ask about anything else that comes to mind, and we’ll help answer questions and figure things out.

What's Included

The base reservation fee includes the following:

  • Help and guidance with event planning
  • Marketing and promoting the event online via social media channels
  • Event promotion and marketing tips for artists
  • Linking to artist websites and social media accounts
  • A share-able and invite-able Facebook Event on the Split Gallery Facebook page
  • Listing on the Split Gallery website
  • Submission to multiple local online event calendars
  • Promotion via our email list
  • Notification to press contacts
  • Full gallery access for setting up and running your show
  • Photo and video documentation of the exhibit
  • Post-event cleanup
Panoramic view of paintings by Charles Baughman at Split Gallery


Additionally, the gallery comes equipped with:

  • Hanging hardware and tools
  • One 8′ adjustable ladder
  • One 4′ stepladder
  • Original hardwood floors
  • 10’ Ceiling
  • 8’ Gallery walls
  • Gallery walls are sheetrock over 3/4” OSB
  • Two 40’ track lighting runs
  • 24 adjustable track heads with 75-watt equivalent LED bulbs
  • Movable wall can be repositioned based on your preferences
  • High-speed Wifi
  • Email list signup sheets
  • Wireless sound system
  • Two 6’x 2’ folding tables
  • One 8’x 2.5’ wood table
  • Sixteen stackable metal chairs
  • Security cameras
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Maker + Filters
  • Utility sink
  • Basic kitchen utensils

Optional Services

We’ve got a checklist of all sorts of things that can go into putting on an art exhibition. We will help you plan the kind of show and experience you want to have at Split Gallery. We’re here to help you realize your vision. Things to consider:

  • Curation
  • Loading in
  • Hanging the artwork
  • Opening and closing for the day
  • Staffing the gallery during the show hours
  • Processing sales
  • Delivery of sold work
  • Loading out

Still Have Questions?

If you’ve still got questions about how it all works, or there’s anything else we can do to help provide answers and explanations, just let us know. We’re always interested in ideas, collaborations, and ways that Split can be a resource for Artists, so don’t be shy.

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